Friday 9 November 2012

Update for next week:


 Here are a few updates for the coming week:

Language Arts- We started a new unit which is media literacy we will be focusing on this for the next couple of weeks as well as writing up stories for a story contest!

Math: We will be starting chapter 4 which is number sense and numeration, it will take us approximately 2 weeks to complete this chapter.

Science: We are going to be learning about the human effects on habitats (advantages and disadvantages).

Social Studies: We will be looking at the Great lakes and the St.Lawrence river. We will collectively learn about the responsibilites for maintaining the health of the Great Lakes Basin.

Islamic Studies: We will finish up Unit A and a short quiz will be given on Tuesday. I will give a review to the students today in class.

JazakAllah-Khairan! :)