Friday 30 November 2012


Assalaam-Alaikum Parents
       Here is an update of what we will be learning in the coming week!

Language Arts: We have started Media Literacy in L.A and we will continue to deconstruct ads, products, commercials, and the media. Students have created their own product where they used the concepts we learned to try and sell the product to the class. I will be uploading pictures soon!

Math: We have started Chapter 5 Measurement and Time! It will take us 1 week or so to complete the chapter. We are doing a variety of hands on projects in class to help understand the concepts.

Science: We have started a new unit called Light and Sound and our first lab experiment was a success! We will be doing many lab experiments in this unit and if you would like to come and join us you are more than welcome to =) I will be posting when we will be doing the labs a day or two before the experiment.

Social Science: Students are acting as travel agents to create a travel brochure on a province they are assigned. We will be going to the computer lab and library next week to start our research.

Islamic Studies: We began reading about Prophet Muhammed (S.W.S) journey from Mecca to Medina. We will continue this chapter the coming few weeks.

If you have any questions, the best way to reach me is through email. JazakAllah-Khairan =)