Thursday, 28 February 2013


Language: Chapter 12/13 summary due tomorrow & Dress-up Vocabulary sheet
Math- Page 238 # A-D & 3-4
Science: Glossary Due Next Wednesday
Numeracy: Problem of the week Due Thursday

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Language- Vocab Sheet due Friday

Social Studies- Castle Worksheet

Science- 6 terms due tomorrow from rocks and minerals project

Tuesday, 26 February 2013



 Congratulations to Mustafa, Muneebah, and Ayesha for entering the Speech Competition! GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No homework tonight! :)

Note from Tr Iman

Assalamu alaykom Dear parents,

The Senior Kindergarten class will be holding several fundraisers for the SK Graduation at the end of the year. The first fundraiser we are going to do is the Toy Sale. We ask for your cooperation in this fundraising event by donating toys in good condition that are able to be sold. If you are willing to contribute to this toysale please bring in the toys on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 or the morning of Thursday, February 28, 2013 to the SK classroom.


The Toy Sale will take place all day Thursday, February 28, 2013 in the school gym.

The toys will be reasonably priced and all proceeds will go directly to funding the SK Graduation.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Jazakom Allah khayran


Iman Al Hajjar

Monday, 25 February 2013


Language: Good copy of Speech + practice practice practice!!! In-class presentations are tomorrow and I will choose 3 students who do an outstanding job to compete with the grade 5-8's.

Health- Collage due tomorrow


This week in Grade 4:

Health- The importance of Healthy Eating as a life long process

Math- Beginning Chapter 9- Multiplying Greater numbers

Language Arts- The speech competition will be completed by Wednesday and we will return to Charlotte's Web

Science- We will be making a picture glossary of all the terms and new terms for Rocks and
Minerals. We will be going to the computer lab this week as this will require research.

Social Studies: We will be examining castles and how it enriched the power to the Nobility.

Islamic Studies: Learning about the importance of Sunnah Prayers.

* As of yet i have no MALE volunteers therefore SWIMMING is still CANCELLED, if you would like to volunteer please send me a quick email before 3 p.m. today *


Thursday, 21 February 2013


Language: Rough Draft of Speech

Math: Page 231# 2,3,5,6 + Test on Monday on chapter 8

Health- Collage due Tuesday

Math Test and Speech Competition

 There will be a math test on Monday on chapter 8: Area and Grids and the Speeches for the speech competition are due Tuesday.

I would like to give a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all the students who participated in the science fair, especially AYESHA from our class for winning first place!!! You all did an EXCELLENT job!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Language: Fact/Opinion Sheet
Math- Page 223 # A-C 2-4
Numeracy: Problem of the Week
Science Test Tomorrow!

Speech Competition Rubric

 Assalam-Alaikum Parents,
      Here is the rubric we will be using for the Speech Competition. JazakAllah-Khairan.


Grading Rubric for Speech Competition- Grade 4


Student’s name: _____________________________          Date:________


Speech topic: _________________________________________



____1. Eye contact, nice stance, pleasant demeanor (smile)

____2. Clear, slow, audible speaking (few um’s, like’s, and’s, etc)

____3. Inflection and emotion in voice ( a speech, not a reading)



  ___1. A clear, interesting introduction/interest-getter

____2. Support/significance/interest provided in body

____3. Organization is sensible and clear

____4. Conclusion is clear and summarizes main points


____1. Speech has creativity, visuals ( some special zing and pizzazz that fits your personality and the subject of the speech)

____2. Polish and practice evident

____3. You seem to enjoy sharing your speech with the audience

____4. You handle feedback well








Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Language- Researching Facts about Topic (Students had 3 periods to complete this)
Math- Page 219 # 4-7
Science Test- Changed to TUESDAY FEBRUARY 19TH 2013 due to science fair
Health- Questions due next tuesday
Social Studies- Knights worksheet
Numeracy : Problem of the Week due Tomorrow

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Need Male Volunteers

Assalam Alaikum Parents,
          As you know every second Tuesday the grade 4's go swimming. We need MALE volunteers to come help or there will be NO swimming anymore. If you would like to volunteer I need you to send me a quick email the day before (the Monday). JazakAllah-Khairan for your support.

Monday, 11 February 2013


Language: Opinion Worksheet
Science: Rocks and Mineral Test Thursday
Numeracy: Problem of the week
Social Studies: Nobles worksheet due Wednesday

A note from Tr. Nancy

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum


The MS-Read-A-Thon has now come to a close. All the students who have participated in this worthwhile cause must bring their reading kit back to school no later than Wednesday, February 14, 2013


Thank you for helping such an important cause. 





Friday, 8 February 2013



Math- Test on Monday on the Geometry 2-D unit
Social Studies- Nobles worksheet due Wednesday
Numeracy- Problem of the Week due Thursday
Science- Test on Rocks and Minerals Thursday

Science Test Thursday February 14, 2013

Assalam Alaikum Parents,
            This is a reminder that there will be a Science test on rocks and minerals on Thursday February 14th, 2013. A review will be given next week to help the students practice. JazakAllah-Khairan.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Language Arts: Chapter 11-12 Summary
Math- Test Monday + Page 205 #1-5 and worksheets
Numeracy: Problem of the Week
Social Studies: Nobles worksheet

Note from Tr. Salam

 السادة أولياء الامور الكرام .....                                                                                                  السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته ...

 * من الضروري و المفيد للتلميذ أن يقرأ باللغة  العربية  , من خمس إلى عشرة دقائق يوميا ( أو على الاقل خمس مرات في الاسبوع ) سواء من كتاب القراءة المقرر كواجب منزلي , أو لاي مادة محببه إلى نفسه ( قصة لديه – مجلة .... او من القصة المستعارة من مكتبة المدرسة ) , لما في ذلك من أهمية كبيرة في تنمية مهارة القراءة , و الاقبال عليها بشكل متدرج منذ الصغر ... حيث يستطيع الطالب الان استعارة قصة من مكتبة المدرسة , كل أسبوعين مع الجدول الخاص بمتابعة القراءة , و عليه اعادتهما في نهاية الاسبوعين في الكيس المخصص لحمايتهما .

  فالرجاء :

*المحافظة على القصة و عدم اتلافها .

*تسليم القصة و جدول متابعة القراءة الحرة , داخل الكيس المخصص لهما في الوقت المحدد . ( أسبوعان من تاريخ الاستلام ) .

*حث الطالب /ة على القراءة و تشجيعه على ذلك .

*القراءة معه و مساعدته إذا لزم الامر ( بأن تقرأ صفحه و هو صفحة  أو جملة و هو جملة ........) .

*القراءة الجهرية و بصوت مسموع .

*تفسير الكلمات الصعبة .

*عدم التدقيق على الاخطاء البسيطة التي لا ثؤثر على المعنى .

*التذكرة أثناء القراءة بالكلمات التي تتكرر , فيسهل على الطالب قراءتها مرة أخرى .

*تقطيع الكلمات الكبيرة إلى مقاطع ليسهل على الطالب قراءتها .

*اعادة قراءة القصة عدة مرات ، و عدم الاكتفاء بقراءتها مرة واحدة ، و ذلك للاستفادة .

*تسجيل ما يقرأ الطالب , و مدة القراءة التي استغرقها في كل مرة  ,  على جدول متابعة القراءة الحرة , حتى يتسنى لنا تشجيعه و مكافأته عليها .

                                                                  و جزاكم الله على حسن تعاونكم الدائم  


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Math Test Monday

Assalam-Alaikum Parents,
       As mentioned before the Geometry 2-D unit will come to an end by Friday and the students will have a unit test on Monday.

Homework for tonight
Science- Lab Report
Social Studies- "Islam spreads rapidly in the Medieval Times" worksheet

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quran: Update from Tr. Samia


We finished reciting and memorizing Surat Almuzamil Alhamdullah , we will have a test on all of  the Surat on Tuesday February 12th Insha Allah. This test will be on Tajweed rules, reading rules and memorization of the whole surah. I will send a Quran rubric of this test with your child Insha -Allah please sign it and send it back. To practice Quran with your child please use this website and go to Sheik Ibrahim Alakhadar:  



 Congratulation to the best memorizers  and reciters of the month of Januray 

1.Mohammed O.
2.Semih K.
3.Muneebah S.
4.Hana Khan.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your cooperation.

Friday, 1 February 2013


Language: Chapter 10 Summary
Math Page: 194 #4-7
Science: Mineral Worksheet due Tuesday
Numeracy: Problem of the Week due Thursday
Islamic Studies: Page C11 (textbook)- All of the questions due Monday
Health- Title Page + worksheets

*Bring geometry set*

Geometry Set

Assalaam Alaikum Parents,


                   Since we have started the unit of 2D Geometry the students will need to buy a Geometry set by Monday. You can buy it from Staples or Dollarama for $2-$3. JazakAllah-Khairan for your help.