Monday, 14 January 2013

                                                           Science Fair 2012 -2013

Project Timeline

Due Date
Project Component
Y / N
November to 01/11/2013
Testable question and Hypothesis:
1) - Students must have their partners and decided on their testable question and have formulated their hypothesis.
2) - Students must keep a journal to write down notes. This journal must be presented to the judges.
Background research and experiment details:
1) - Students submit the project name, a summary of their research, the list of material and the procedure.
2) - Students have done also one test of their experiment and collected the first data.
Data tables , graphical representation, pictures of the experiments Data Analysis:
1)- students have their data tables, graph, pictures  ready
2)- Analysis of Results
02/ 1/2013
conclusion, Abstract:
1) - Conclusions: Support or reject hypothesis with reasons – why?
2)- Applications: How can your experiment apply to the real world, extensions/further investigation
3)- Bibliography: Supply all references
4)- Abstract: Summary of purpose, procedures, results and conclusion (for g6 to 8 must be 250 words/typed, for g4 and 5 must be 150 words/typed)
Final Check
1)- Prepare the presentation board (be creative and detailed oriented)
2)- Review the presentation board (Verify that all the required information is in its correct place)
In Class Presentations and Selection of Best Projects
1) - Have report ready and be prepared to present your project (students are REQUIRED to present).  Evaluation is done according to the rubric sent home
2)- Students not ready to present their project by will receive a zero
3)- selection for the Abraar science fair
Abraar Science Fair
More details soon