Friday 5 October 2012

Grade 4 Wish list
Assalam-Alaikum Dear Parents,
          Here is our grade 4 wish list. Al-homdolilah we are blessed to have many supplies but with the help of your donation we can make our class much better. JazakAllah- Khair.
·       First-Aid Kit
·       Hand Sanitizers
·       Book for our book shelves (age appropriate)
·       Islamic Videos
·       Projector
·       Art Supplies- paint, paint brushes, construction paper, glue, etc.
·       Classroom Materials- Pencils, erasers, binders, lined paper, white paper, etc.
·       Gym Supplies- Sponge balls, badminton bats, birdies, etc.
·       Kleenex Boxes
·       Classroom carpet